Xentel harasses people

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Although Xentel was told in no uncertain terms to stop calling us to sell Shriners' and Old Timers' tickets, they will NOT stop. They will not take no for an answer.

They call at least 5 or 6 times per year and try every trick in the book to appeal to our emotions to buy.

They will make you feel guilty if you don't, telling you that some poor kid will be deprived of entertainment and even if you agree to guy 2 tickets they will tell you it's not enough and you should be buying more to sponsor some kid to go see the Shriners'. We have threatened to report them, we have banged the phone down their face, but they just won't stop calling.

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My name is Nancy Phillipou and I just have one thing to say to this person who wrote about Orazio, all of these accusations and statements are completely TRUE. He has hit on me many times as I have been an employee there for many years, but every time I did I went along with it and even slept with him a few times, it's the only way I could get to the top but so be it, I enjoyed every minute of it.

But all of this has now lead me closer to my new love the business room manager in Toronto Angelo Dimarino. Baby I love you, we've been pretty secretive over the last couple of years, but we finally made it public. We're gonna get married soon and I love seeing you everytime I walk into the office in the morning.

I have no feelings for Orazio anymore, even though the sexual part was fantastic.



All of you should grow up


All of this takes place at a place of employment. Platz should be firing all of you.

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Aight u clearly don't know homegirl. First and foremost if ya gonna play with her rep and pretend to be her ya should spell her name correctly.

So now that we all know that you're a dumb MF. If you think she played with that pencil *** Orazio ya not only dumb but a fool. To the top? R u serious?

She works at a grimey telemarketing company, no one knows why but hey that's her perogative. (Sorry Bella but it is what it is and you know your better than them) Next, Angelo I won't rip to hard cause then she'll have a problem with me and soon you'll realize that can't be safe for your FAM! Angelo, she don't love him, she ain't gonna marry him, hiding what for years? Sure he's a good catch but he ain't the captain.

N loves the CAPTAIN!

Now for ya, we know who you are, she don't but we do.

She prefers not to, she'll want to know one day and then one day after that if she says HIT! You'll know she knows cause you'll feel it.

PS-Find something better to do with your Friday nights, rent a movie, join a chat room, or even one of those matchmaker sites designed for people like you, cause this sh*t can't be healthy for you.

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You should be u sound like a big ***

Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States #16424

I'm insulted

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